Sideline Tap Drill

  1. QB lines up on the right hash.
  2. WR lines up to the right of the QB close to the top of the #’s.
  3. WR will start 2 yards behind a cone designated for the beak point and burst to the cone on command.
  4. WR will proceed to the next cone which will be placed on the sideline.
  5. QB will throw the football towards the sideline forcing the WR to catch the football and control both feet before his
    momentum carries him out of bounds.

Over the Shoulder Drill

  1. QB is directly behind the WR.
  2. WR is 5 yards in front of the QB.
  3. WR takes off on a straight line when QB gives the “GO” command.
  4. WR looks back over his shoulder when the QB gives the “BALL” command after 10 yards. 
  5. WR adjust to the ball thrown by the QB over either shoulder.

Multiple Catch / Gauntlet Drill (2 Times)

  1. Player begins drill with two (2) initial throws and catches prior to starting the movement portion of the drill
  2. After player catches the two initial throws, player will run across the field towards the opposite sideline, catching balls from throwers, alternating between each side
  3. Player will repeat the drill going in the opposite direction

*Distance between QB’s is 10 yards. Distance from QB’s to the WO’s is 12 yards. *Player always opens to the field when he takes his initial 2 catches in the gauntlet

Wide Out Routes

  1. Quick Slant – Thrown to the Left only
  2. Out Route – Thrown to the Left
  3. In Route – Thrown to the Left at15 to 18 yards
  4. Go Route – Thrown to the Left
  5. Out Route – Thrown to the Right
  6. Curl Route – Thrown to the Right
  7. Post Corner – Thrown to the Right