Pocket Movement Drill

  1. Quarterback will begin the drill with a Big 5 step drop.
  2. The Drill Director will give the Quarterback a forward, backward, and lateral command by pointing in the specific direction. 
  3. The Quarterback Director will yell “Ball” which allows the Quarterback to throw to the target.

QB 3-5-5-7 Drops/Throws

1. Quarterback will execute the following four drops with a throw at the target.

  • 3 step drop
  • Quick 5 step drop
  • Big 5 step drop
  • 7 step drop

7 Step Roll Out (Right and Left)

  1. QB will drop back, roll to the left and deliver a ball to a stationary receiver
  2. QB will roll to the right, and deliver a ball to a stationary receiver

Throw Routes to Receivers

  1. Quick Slant – left only
  2. Out – Right and Left
  3. In – Left Only
  4. Curl – Right Only
  5. Go – Left Only
  6. Corner – Post-Right Only
  7. 7 Step Drop – Deep Out/alternate