Off-Tackle Reaction Drill

  1. RB lines up 7 yards deep behind the QB.
  2. QB starts the drill with a snap count and reverse pivot hand off to RB whose path is between OT and TE.
  3. RB takes the hand off and runs through 4 step-over dummies.
  4. After the 4th step-over dummy, RB will react to the stand-up dummy 5 yards ahead.
  5. DRILL DIRECTOR will tilt the stand-up dummy left or right, RB will cut opposite towards 2 cones.
  6. RB will burst through the cones and finish with a 20 yard sprint.

Change of Direction (COD) Pitch Drill

  1. RB is 7 yards deep behind the QB
  2. QB starts the drill with a snap count and reverse pivot toss the football to the RB, whose path is outside the tight end or 1st
  3. RB will weave around the 5 cones in a zigzag pattern and switch the football in the proper arm.
  4. The cones should be 5-7 yards apart and cover no more than 12 yards deep
  5. RB will sprint 20 yards after the 5th cone.

Blast Read (Left)

  1. RB begins in 2-Point stance and takes handoff from QB
  2. Player accelerates to the bag, and will cut left or right off the Drill Coaches signal
  3. Player will then run around cone and accelerate up field

*Note: do not let RB get too close to bag before signaling

Find the Ball Drill (3 Times)

  1. RB will start on left cone and face away from the passer
  2. On Command, player will run across to the right catching the ball at midpoint
  3. Player will continue running to the right cone, turn back, and continue running to the left cone
  4. Player will catch the ball at the midpoint, and continue running to the left cone
  5. Player will turn back, and run towards right cone
  6. Player will catch third pass at midpoint, and turn and run up field

*Coach will align at the 30 yard line to force a cut by the RB

Running Back Pass Routes

  1. Flat Route (Right) – Depth of 0-2 yards
  2. Texas Route (Right)
  3. Corner Route (Either to the Left or Right but not both) – Depth of 10 yards
  4. Wheel Route (Left)
  5. Flair Route (Left)